Monthly Archives: October 2012

After a 5-minute ferry ride from Xiamen (8) we reached Gulangyu Island, car-free home to about 20.000 permanent residents. As you step off the ferry and step on the Island you might aswell feel like you are entering a whole nother world. It is silent, beautiful and probably different from what you have seen of China so far. You can choose to buy a day pass (80)  to visit the sights such as Sunlight Rock, Shuzhuang Garden, Organ Museum, International Lettering Art Gallery and Bright Moon Garden or you can just wander across the Island as we did. While following small footpaths leading you deeper and deeper into the Island, you can hear the sound of a piano on every corner. Before returning to Xiamen, don’t forget to leave a note with your wishes in one of the cafés by the coast.


After a lazy week I decided it was time to actually get back to studying, so I went to Cafe 1921 on Xiada Campus for some waffles and tea. After keeping up with Chinese characters for two hours, I felt like checking out the “tunnel” for some new artwork. Here it goes!

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